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Who We Serve

Who We Serve...

Start-ups & Small Businesses

Founders are full of talent, passion and great ideas, but few have the time or expertise to manage People and HR administration. We’ll manage the back-office so you can focus on what you do best. Our start-up packages includes:

  • HR Compliance
  • HR Department Development
  • An array of services to fit the business requirements and challenges


Getting your business to the next level takes hard work, dedication and access to experts that can really make a difference. We know how to scale a company and will apply years of experience and industry best practices to turn your back-office functions into a competitive advantage for your company.

  • Compensation analysis
  • Executive dashboard review
  • Strategic insights
  • An array of services to fit the business requirements and challenges

Employer Of Records (EOR)

An EOR Services (Employer of Records) acts as a co-employer to your employees so that you can focus on your running business and growth without worrying about legal and statutory compliance in the Indian states. An EOR takes care of everything- right from joining to relieving. As an EOR service provider in India, we offer a wide range of plans for start-ups and SMEs so that companies can take care of their employees with the best affordable benefits.

  • Support on employment services in designing the job description and hiring right talents.
  • Will take care of complete HR Services of employee according to client instructions in accordance with Indian Labour legislation - State & Central Govt Compliances .
  • Will have a dedicated expertise HR to handle the total account and will be responsible in handling all the risks.
  • Korhr Sponsors both the work and residence permit and takes the employee on our payroll process.
  • Get the access to the employee self service portal and access all the related document at one click; when the client sets up their own complete legal entity in the country, we provide our complete support to client for transferring the employee to client subsidiary.